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Abbá Park is a Catholic ecotourism training center dedicated to offering recreational camps in mountain rooms or tents, so that its visitors can learn first-hand about the natural origin of food through different recreational activities, designed from the pedagogic point of view. Such activities include: tortilla making workshop, adobe brick making workshop and the cheese making workshop.


This experiential dynamic has allowed young and old to understand both the production process and to increase respect for nature and creation as a whole. We have seen first-hand on several occasions that children grow up thinking that food originates in the supermarket in disposable presentations, thus losing sensitivity regarding animals, plants and the natural cycle of things. 


We know this experiential dynamic as “learning by doing” and it has been proven that the percentage of retention in the participants of this type of program increases to approximately 70%, contributing to the integral formation of the human being notoriously.


Abbá Park also supports vulnerable groups that do not have sufficient financial resources to live a unique and transformative experience. This is supported by different benefactors who contribute in kind or by directly granting one or more participants for the training, so they can experience a connection between nature, culture and its interior.

Since 2009 when we first opened our doors, we have welcomed hundreds of families, schools and corporate teams from all over the world. Our main objective is to make it possible for visitors to truly enjoy everything that surrounds us and to which we rarely pay attention, without damaging or transforming it.


Our commitment to our visitors is to offer them a pleasant stay, learning, interpersonal coexistence and an escape from the routine of daily life. We offer this whilst trying to generate the least possible damage to the planet, resorting to the use of transport and renewable energy as well as the minimum generation of alterations to the natural ecosystem that is visited, such as respecting paths, plains and gaps to reach our center.

What Matters Is What’s Inside 

The cleaning, beauty, souvenirs and food products that are sold in Abbá Park are made with artisan, biodegradable bases and support the community.


With the purchase of our products we make it possible for numerous families of Concepción de Buenos Aires, or better known as Pueblo Nuevo, to obtain decent work and means of support for their families. This reduces migration from our town and at the same time takes care of the planet.


Don’t forget to help by purchasing our products.

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