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Reconnect to nature!

Are you interested in disconnecting from the noise of the city? Do you like being in contact with nature? Do you want to rest, causing the least damage to your environment? Do you enjoy candlelight, seeing a starry sky and taking care of nature? If your answers were yes, then this is the place to be!!! Welcome to Abbá Park!

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Here at Abbá Park we are interested in generating the least possible damage to the planet, resorting to the use of renewable energies as well as the minimum generation of alterations to the natural ecosystem that is visited. Our main objective is to ensure that our visitors can truly enjoy everything that surrounds them and to which we rarely pay attention, without damaging or transforming it.

This ecotourism center is our family Apostolate, which we love, respect and create with effort, dedication and love, and we have been evolving it for more than 10 years.

The spirit of freedom, care and love that is felt in Abbá Park is unmatched and unique, you will surely feel at home. We like to take care of the planet, which is why we DO NOT HAVE electricity in our cabins, so you can relax and reconnect with nature. Areas such as our restaurant and auditorium run by solar energy, we do not have drainage as all of our water is from a natural well and we do not want to contaminate it.


We are environmentally responsible and aware of our natural areas. We invite you to enjoy the place without damaging it, learn about the natural attractions (landscape, flora and fauna) of these areas, as well as any cultural manifestation (present and past) that can be found here.

Enjoy candlelight, warm campfires, starry nights, and organic food as well as the company of free-range farm animals.

All purchases of our products (food or personal care and cleaning products) are made organically and respectfully with our environment. Just as you support our planet, you also support the community of Concepción de Buenos Aires Jalisco.



they speak for us

Thank you very much Camp Abbá, we are very happy for having been here, we had a very pleasant experience, very natural, very full of God too, I ask you to come to this place with confidence and you will have a great time

Professor Nestor Guerero
San Javier Summits

The experience in the Abbá ecological park, recommended for those who want to come and have an experience in a natural, healthy environment, the place is safe, there are many elements that students can enjoy, especially young people, children, boys, and obviously this place invites us to be close to God.

Jose Antonio Padilla

San Javier Summits

Through this I want to thank you for all the attention you gave us at ABBA last weekend, everything was wonderful, the goal of

make the girls and their parents spend an unforgettable weekend. All your people were very professional

Jose Montes

The best thing about undergoing training at Abba was that we were able to disconnect from work and get to know each other as true colleagues. Today, after so many years of working here, I made friends again. I love my job again!

Martha Fuentes


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